What we want in our Next Generation

Child Development

Various theories of child development have pointed out that the structuralization of the personality takes place very early in the formative years of life and later on mere expressions keep surfacing. So I decided to take up a topic that will focus on childhood and will have an active role in forming the child’s concepts.

As humans are constructivist and destructivists. So we need to nurture only what we wish to see in the society.

It’s important to convince parents of a philosophy of child rearing which emphasizes on desirability or preference rather than demands, to teach frustration tolerance, the importance of setting limits and advantages of inculcating appropriate social skills in compliance with the demands of others.

As it has been established through studies that we on indoctrinating ourselves with our irrational beliefs time and again and that’s how they remain alive. So I feel that if we go on indoctrinating the young mind with the stories filled with rational beliefs we will be creating a bright future with the minds having rational thinking.
So what the society needs to bring out in every child today is

  • Self –interest
  • Social –interest
  • Self direction
  • Tolerance
  • Flexibility
  • Acceptance of uncertainty
  • Commitment
  • Self acceptance
  • Risk taking
  • Realistic expectations
  • High frustration Tolerance
  • Self Responsibility

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