Patient Says

Panic disorder

I suffered from Acute Panic Attacks after witnessing a death in the family. I was landing in depression due to my state

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Yash Bagadia,

22 years, Mumbai.

post vaccination fever

Thank you, Dr Vrushali, after taking the medicines my body ache and fever subsided completely. My weakness is gone and I feel fresh

verified patient,

49 years.

allergic rhinitis

You gave me 5 day course for cold and I fully recovered in exact five days. I have never recovered so fast from cold or have seen anyone recover so fast thank you so much.

Dipali S

44 years, Meerut.


Thank you so much Vrushali got the magic pills at 3:00 a.m. in the night and it has worked wonders.My urticarea vanished in

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Saraswati D,

54 years Mumbai


I took the medicine recommended by you for two days and am feeling very good. The medicine recommended by you has

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Dr Pratik Mittal,

45 years, Ambala.


I am much better after starting your medication my cough is minimal fever and weakness is gone completely. I am so

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Mrs U S P,

43 years New Bombay.


My 5 years daughter’s dengue got better in just 5 days without any allopathic treatment.

Anika Chirania,


Alopacia Areata

My hairloss I patches recovered in 3 months with Dr Vrushali’s treatment.

Arpan Choudhary,

28 years, Calcutta.


after taking medicine from you my pain of last 3 months vanished in just one week and my uric acid levels have started dropping as well.

Dr H practicing Surgeon



I attended Dr Vrushali’s talk on facebook live and contacted her for treatment of my son Gary, 10 years old. His ADHD was

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Maya Douglas,



I was taking 4 tablets for hypertension since 5 years. But my BP was always in the range of 140/90 to 150/100. I used to have a very

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Mr Girish Saraogi,

Ranchi, 42 years.


My son had psoriasis since he was 8 years old. Only his nails used to break. We had tried many modes of treatment before

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Mother of Arush Goel,

14 years, Mumbai.


Burning of palms soul and urethra. I had this burning since last ten years due to my diabetes which is from last 30 years. My

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Hemlata J

69 years. Mumbai

Chronic Suppurative Otitis

My Son’s ear used to leak with pus since last 2 years. We attempted surgery too. It failed, so I tried Homoeopathy and it helped my

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Minollo’s Mother,


atopic dermatitis with allergic rhinitis

I am suffering from allergies for 6 years and tried many treatments but nothing worked.Once I started treatment with

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Dharmesh Jain

29 years.

post viral rheumatoid arthritis, Asthma, Hypothyroidism

Doctor because of your medicines I didn’t have to go on steroids and my RA factor and CRP both are reducing consistently in

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Mrs Vidhi Wankhede,

49 years

Treated for PMS

She provides medicare to all minor to major physical health and psychological issues. My son got treated for appendix and daughter for

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Manisha Jain,


Emotions & Stress Related Conditions

A good explanation for treatment listens very patiently to each and every problem. Also, she treated for abscess problem so

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Prerika Jain,


Gastrointestinal Problems

Patient and an excellent listener. The doctor’s diagnosis of the problem and treatment was helpful. I’m happy with her

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Archana M ,


Cough Treatment

Very happy with the way she handles each and every issue, physical and mental both, easily approachable and responds

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Mrs Navika Somani,


Skin Infections

Dr. Vrushali Saraswat treated my daughter for Mollusca Contagiosa effectively in a matter of 15 days. I had tried every

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Allergic Rhinitis

Very satisfied with the results, the incidence of allergy has come by 80 – 90%. Traveled to a lot of cold countries with bad

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Ajay Khetan,


Molluscum Contagiosum

Dr. Vrushali treated my daughter for Molluscum contagiosum in a matter of 15 days. This is a viral infection that is

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Aesha Shah,


Kidney Stone

Homeopathy gives a very instant result. My kidney stone was totally removed just within two days due to proper

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Chandrashekhar Joshi,