Awarded with “Savitri Gaurav Puraskar”

by All India Journalists Association, on Woman’s day, 2019

A good explanation for treatment listens very patiently to each and every problem. Also, she treated for abscess problem so effectively that even dr doing sonography was surprised to see if an abscess can be treated so well with homeopathy.

Prerika Jain

She provides medicare to all minor to major physical health and psychological issues. My son got treated for appendix and daughter for her asthma. She listens, understands, and provides active caring with compassion. Spends an invaluable amount of time and very patient. I feel in the safe hands of her.

Manisha Jain

Medicines can cure, but a good doctor’s inspirational words can give the strength to fight from within. The care that I received each time during the consultation with my daughter was amazing. No words are enough to appreciate the service you did.


Homeopathy gives a very instant result. My kidney stone was totally removed just within two days due to proper medication prescribed by Dr. Vrushali Saraswat.

Chandrashekhar Joshi

Dr. Vrushali treated my daughter for Molluscum contagiosum in a matter of 15 days. This is a viral infection that is contagious and one that could have hampered her regular activities but thanks to the doctor’s timely treatment, experience, and expertise she could continue her routine without any hindrance.

Aesha Shah

“Dr. Vrushali Saraswat treated my daughter for Mollusca Contagiosa effectively in a matter of 15 days. I had tried every other treatment for at least 3 months and nothing worked. Thanks to homeopathy and Dr. Vrushali my daughter got timely treatment.”

Very happy with the way she handles each and every issue, physical and mental both, easily approachable and responds as soon as she comes to know.

Navika Somani

Patient and an excellent listener. The doctor’s diagnosis of the problem and treatment was helpful. I’m happy with her medication as didn’t have any side effects.

Archana M

Very satisfied with the results, the incidence of allergy has come by 80 – 90%. Traveled to a lot of cold countries with bad weather conditions but had no recurrence of allergy. Thanks a lot.

Ajay Khetan

Lisa Dowen

Life coaching with Ryan Cole changed my life. Ryan’s lessons gave me the inspiration and tools to explore the possibility of having my own business and the confirmation that I can make it work.

Lisa Dowen

26 y.o.
Edward Jenkins

I used to be very stressed out about making more money. Ryan has helped me turn my paralyzing stress into renewed confidence. By working together we were able to find the right career possibilities that match my interests and skills.

Edward Jenkins

39 y.o.
Peter Wilson

Ryan Cole helped me prioritize what was important in my life and professionally. His coaching was the start of my journey into a leadership position and he provided me the foundation for growth and success.

Peter Wilson

40 y.o.

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