Story No 1 : Self Esteem

Once upon a time, long long ago in the kingdom of Priyavansham there lived the king Priyvansham his wife Priyatama and their daughter Priya. The daughter was good at a lot of things like singing, painting, etc. But what she liked most was dancing. But her father king Priyavanshan disapproved of dancing .Princess Priya realised it over the period of time & she thought what if I dance, it will certainly make my father angry with me & if I loose his love what will I do? I must not make him angry.”So with this thought Princess suppressed the desire of dancing & she started following & doing things which would please her father. Everyone called her an obedient child & she also became comfortable like that. But she would experience a lot of anxiety in doing the things which her father liked.

During the summer vacations Princess Priya went to her maternal uncle’s place. There she saw an unusually relaxed fellow named Angle Parivartan.He had come once to meet the maternal uncle & Princess Priya was playing in the same hall.

Angel Parivartan was chatting away his love for kite flying & how he didn’t like his son playing with marbles. So the matermnal uncle asked him whether his son plays with marbles or not? To this Parivartan replied “oh why not? He loves it, I don’t. if he enjoys a game which I don’t am not going to stop loving him, I am his father after all. He doesn’t have to change his likings just to please me. That way he will lose his originality and will be tensed all the time. Even my father didn’t approve of my kite flying but he never disliked me for this.” Angel continued “you know what I really feel It would be nice to have love and approval, however they are not dire necessities in my life, and do not define who I am as a person, and I can most definitely survive it.”

Maternal uncle agreed to it saying “ of course yaar if everyone imbibes this thought process, the stress level will be reduced to a great level.”

Princess Priya was listening to this conversation very intently and understood that how her anxiety was result of an outcome of her irrational belief and not because of her father’s disapproval. Slowly she learned to voice her opinions without the fear of disapproval and she even started to listen to her own opinions time and again. Because of this thought process, she did things because she wanted to.

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