Rational Parenting

Rational parenting is one of my endeavour to support parents to be at ease with the job of Parenting, a job which comes without any prerequisite qualifications and demands a major portion of anyone’s productive life. No one can actually better prepare you for this job than your own child but still one requires guidance on this path.
At Happiness Homoeopathic Clinic, we help parents see the light and facilitate this beautiful journey.

Main topics

we touch upon are
Parenting for each child
Parent Child
Lying: why Children
Lie and how to Handle
Punishment Vs
Positive Reinforcement
Praise: advantages
and disadvantages
Friendship Vs
Practicing Parenthood


Interactive session
Participants will be involved in action learning.
Coach will just guide.

“Your Children are mot your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.
They came through you but not from you and though they are with you yet
they belong not to you.”

-Khalil Girban

No matter what you do as a parent, it will always be upon how you evolve as a better human being, that will be the most rational way to parenthood, hence through these sessions, we aim at awakening ourselves through the process of instilling rational parenting.