Not Safe To Be Tolerant Anymore

We are the most ancient civilization, the most accommodative culture who allows everyone to impact our ways of life. We absorb everything from whosoever thinks of ruling us.

Our Hindi picked up loads of Urdu words, our dressing changed with Brits ruling us, our diet changed with western culture, please take a note that tomatoes and potatoes are not Indian in origin.

So, in short, we are very adaptive people, we adapt very easily and gel with it and imbibe new things. This definitely is a quality of a very intelligent species. Yes! I am calling we Indians as a species, we are a very different breed of humans. As mentioned earlier we are adaptable, accommodative, and intelligent.

But what beats me is, we the intelligent species get affected by what our clowns say. CLOWNS! Did I just say, clowns? Yes! Clowns!! Let me explain whom am I calling clowns: there is a special community of artists whom we actually worship. Now, what’s their role in our life? They are meant for “entertaining” us. Apart from that why should they impact us?

But we the intelligent species is giving them undue coverage. We don’t mind or rather ignore the immorality these people have in their personal life. We don’t mind when some of them are even pedophiles, we don’t mind when some of them are arrested with drug trafficking, we don’t mind when some of them kill animals or humans or we don’t mind when some of them have AK 47. We also don’t mind when some of them go and dance for don’s private parties.

So why epitomize these a**holes when they make irresponsible comments like “my country is intolerant” or “my country is not safe”

Why should we give them the advantage of publicity by keeping such stupid comments in the limelight.

Can’t we possibly start talking about real heroes like our Army, Navy, and Air force or our space scientists. Till what time do we have to be slaves of this dirty media who cant take pride in being progressive and just gets interested in prestitution?

I feel now is the time our country should be intolerant of such irresponsible people and we have to show them their place.

When we have the power of making them our heros and we can turn it the otherways also.

Lets join hands in showing the world that India in ways more than what a few clowns think about it………..

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