My son’s Himalyan Dream

A few days ago I shared my experience here with you all, I was accompanied by my son, Atharva, 9 years, on this hike to Hampta Top, he has shared his experience which has been published in the children’s newspaper “My Paper”.

Do read and let me know how you all like it…………

How high can I go?

Mom keeps talking about explore the nature/ go close to nature and you will understand things, but trust me in my 9 years of life I never understood what she meant. But something beautiful happened this summer when she took me on a hiking trip to Hampta Top in Himachal Pradesh at 4500 meters height. On my 9th birthday on 11th of April this year, I wished to play in the snow , so mom took me to the Himalayas. We took the train from Mumbai to Delhi and from Delhi to Manali we went by bus. By the time we crossed Kullu I started seeing snow capped mountains in far away region. I was thrilled just having a sight of those white things, I kept bubbling about it till we reached Solang Village because once we were there I could see those amazing mountains right outside the Hotel.

Next day we started our hike for the Hampta Top, I was very excited to live on the mountains but had no idea what it means. We walked everyday for 5-6 hours, I wasn’t tired when we reached the first camp so while the tents were being pitched in I helped the guides for setting things and was really having fun. Since I was the youngest member of the hiking group, everyone was asking me to run for things and I enjoyed it. And I also obliged them by posing for selfies.

The stay in the tents was very much fun, like we had a small hut of our own, we slept in the sleeping bags, brushed our teeth in open and even though had toilet tents I enjoyed using the mountain to the fullest. Even though it was cold every morning I used to go for warm up exercises daily. Nights were very difficult as it used to be super cold and pitch dark, but saw a million stars for the first time in my life.

The mountains were lush green with small flowers white, pink, purple, blue, yellow and lemon yellow. The meadows were open grazing grounds for goat, sheep and mules. First time in my life I saw these animals grazing, and I just loved the sight. The birch trees, oaks and deodars flanked our paths. Sometimes we had valleys on one side and sometimes we had streams on one side and steep mountains on the other. I tested sweet and chilled water from the streams and now I understood what mom said “go close to nature”. Everyday I saw the snow capped mountains from the tent.

We experienced harsh winds, very strong sunlight and chilling rains with slits and super cold nights. The evening campfires and fun games around it made nice memories.

On the 4th day we reached snow, but I couldn’t summit as the weather was not very helping and guide thought I shouldn’t go on top, so I stayed back and played in the snow for 2 hours. Touching the snow with bare hands, making the snow balls and rolling it at mom was my dream come true.

I cannot stop writing without mentioning very warm Kulbi guides of our trek, they took very good care of us with hot chocolates and maggi and anything and everything we asked for. Especially Deepu bhaiya took very good care of me, I wish to thank him from the bottom of my heart.

I really feel we all should try to go near the nature, and feel the power of Mother Nature.

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