Holistic Treatment Plan

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The primary or immediate focus of the treatment plan at HHC is to restore your health from the immediate presenting complaint. i.e. to relieve you from the pain, fever, or whatever brought you to us.
But the ultimate aim of the treatment plan at HHC is to enhance your body’s intelligence to reach a certain level wherein you don’t get a relapse of the same disease nor any other major illness.

The aim of Holistic treatment is “Return of Complete Vitality,” hence the whole person is taken into account at mental and physical level along with social factors, rather than exclusively focussing on the symptoms, this plan of treatment is coined as Holistic Treatment Plan.
  1. The person as a whole is studied from a psychological, physical, social, and spiritual perspective.
  2. The person understanding is done based upon all the above aspects and then a final assessment of the person’s conflict is reached upon.
  3. Once the conflict is understood the Homoeopathic remedy is selected based upon it.
  4. A follow up planning for the necessary duration is drafted and the patient is informed about the same
  5. Along with the Homoeopathic remedy, the personal, individualized corrective measures are suggested on the diet, exercise and lifestyle plans.
  6. Life skills acquired through various tools.