I am surprised that I have to write this on Friendship day. There are people across India who are drowned today, some due to actual flood and most of the people like me due to ‘happy friendship day’ messages and images. Now am I a misanthropist to say so? NO! not at all. I have some amazing bunch of crazy bumheads whom I call my BFFs and really cherish all the time I spend with them. But just because I am connected with someone due to a particular interest or hobby or profession does that make me his or her best friend? Just because my son is his daughter’s classmate does it make us friends? Why should I send friendship flag to mere acquaintances by circumstances? Will I remember this person if I am having a tough time? Will she call me up to check whether I am doing good in life? NO! A big NO!

These kind of people only exist in life to increase one’s friend list on fb and not for being a ‘FRIEND’. A true friend doesn’t wait for friendship day to celebrate , a true friend doesn’t need to publish it on wall that “ I hugged my friend on 1st Sunday in August”. There is a special place in my heart which I have lent to my friend and they don’t need the placard of August’s first Sunday to call for my attention.

Just in the frenzy of forwarding best image we are diluting the purpose of this day. Let’s not overindulge in this DAY business and ruin the real meaning of FRIENDSHIP for our upcoming generation.

Let’s have the guts to call only true friends as Friends and acquaintances as acquaintances. This may help one remain in the boundaries of morality or else if the entire world is a friend then we will lose the importance of a concept which is getting speedily extinct, a concept of social decorum, a concept of moral boundaries.

The digital media is media along with it’s many advantages is majorly responsible for remaining connected with everyone and therefore, our society becoming more and more shameless, careless and in turn ruining many real relationships…………..

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