Eco Friendly Ganeshotsav

I strongly believe in the power of Mother Nature and I also believe that neither we can save Nature nor we can destroy. However, I believe that it is our responsibility to make our earth more inhabitable, this is where comes our role in protecting the environment so that we do not cause nuisance for other species. It is heart wrenching to see our dear oceans filled with loads and loads of plastic this is where our life began isn’t it? And what are we doing, we are taking the nature for granted. Recently one of our state or should I say the most literate state of India faced floods like never before. Who is responsible for that? I believe we are responsible for such things.

Considering all these aspects I have decided to do my bit, so here I am sharing what I did for this Ganeshotsav. To start with I have been making eco friendly Ganesha since past 4 years. Now what is an eco friendly Ganesha, basically the idol which we worship is sold in the market which is made up of plaster of Paris. This material does not disintegrate easily neither it is nutritive for the soil. Therefore, I started making rather sculpting my Ganesha on my own. I use the river bed soil for making this Ganesha. Now this Ganesha, once immersed in water disintegrates into fertile soil within 5 to 6 days. So we are basically using natural soil and returning it back to nature once our worship is done.

Secondly, I have stopped painting Ganesha since last 2 years as I realized, the Paints are toxic.

New concept which I have adopted this year is tree Ganesha. This means my Ganesha has Tulsi seeds, inside its belly and I have immersed the Ganesha in a pot this year. By doing this, my Ganesha stays with me forever. And to top up the joy of this my garden is added which one more plant. So this Idol, is actually adding more to my environment.

As per the tradition we offer flowers to Gods and deities, but it is saddening to see these same flowers thrown away. I always put these flowers in the plant beds and pots, as these flowers add so much nutrition to the soil. This time also I have mixed all the flowers in the same Ganesha pot.

Last but not the least the décor. Decor in my Ganesha was completely eco-friendly that means we use biodegradable substance, what can be better than paper? So I have basically not used plastic, thermacol or foam. Use of paper for décor helped me to keep up with the theme of ecofriendliness.

All in all, this time we neither took too much from nature nor caused any harm to it. If everyone decides to do their bit the world will definitely be a better place to live…………..

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