Eat When You Are Hungry and STOP when you are FULL.

Wish to share the story of my 2015, a year of transformation, a year in which I broke a lot of self-created rules of life, started learning from a very different school of thoughts in Homeopathy, and experienced completely different and way better results in my practice, broke certain relationships and strengthened the most essential ones, and a most visible transformation is the story which I wish to share with you all today. My own story of being fat to being fit and getting fitter day by day.

In June 2015, I found some bitter truths in life, it was high time that I took control of my situation, and being a fighter in life I decided to be the one in charge. Had no clue how to start so I thought let’s first start with the basic things, health! I was weighing 75kg. At 5 feet 4 inches height it’s definitely way higher than the normalcy range, so I set my target at reducing the weight first. But I am not the types who can control eating tasty food, I am a foodie, I need all my meals on time and nicely flavored. So here was the first obstacle, I am not the oats eating types.

So found out the most traditional recipes and vowed not to eat any synthetic food or outside food. The journey began by walking for half an hour daily and by end of ten days I had started walking a minimum of 4 km daily at one go and later in the day chose to walk for short distances as much as I could.

My diet included more and more raw food, uncooked vegetables, and fruits. Yes, I ate bananas and chicks too. Dried nuts and groundnuts were my biggest source of proteins, being a vegetarian. I started losing weight by the end of the month and continued to lose. By 4 months I had lost 10 kgs and in the most enjoyable way, not at all taxing my body nor my mind, not calculating how much I ate and how much I burnt. Today I am 62 kg and going on becoming fitter day by day, with health issues a matter of past.

My simple funda was to “Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full.”

Yes, most important part was also I caught up on my sleep, I sleep for a minimum of 7 hours (the more the merrier by the way). Sleeping enough helps in avoiding fat synthesis in the body. Along with the right Homeopathic remedy, my weight-loss journey became further smooth.

So all in all resultant was an extremely satisfying journey for me, it not only left me with rekindled romance, but I also started loving myself more and when there is happiness within it automatically started spreading outside…………

I strongly believe that if I can do it anyone can……….


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