Once upon a time long long ago in the Kingdom of Beliefs lived a small boy named Saksham. He was studying at the Gurukul( a residential school). Saksham was from a very well to do family and he was brought up in such a way that all his desires and wishes were fulfilled without questioning.

As a result of this habit Saksham experienced a lot of discomfort when he came to the Gurukul. At home if he didn’t like any particular vegetable another would be ready in no time but at the Gurukul only one vegetable used to be cooked for all the kids and no special requested were ever entertained. This would make Saksham very irritable and he would feel that everything is so awful. Due to his these beliefs he was losing focus in the studies and suffering further.

Saksham’s class once had gone on a field trip, near a big temple. Saksham saw a many beggars sitting outside the temple, but one out of the lot caught his attention. Saksham realized that this particular beggar with one of his arm amputed, was not the sad looking pitiable type of the person, nor he looks like disconnected. He actually appeared to be happy.

To solve this mystery Saksham along with a teacher approached the man and Saksham enquired “Baba who are you? And where are you from?” the man said ‘I am Parivartan and am from Latur”. Saksham further asked “you are begging here and how come you look so happy?” Parivartan said “I look happy because I am happy” his comment met with a puzzled look on Saksham’s face. Smilingly Parivartan continued “you feel I can’t be happy because I am a beggar and a handicap?” “see I am from Latur and the massive earthquake which hit the city sometime back claimed my family, friends, my property and yes my arm also. I don’t have anything left with me. It’s unfortunate that things are not the way any one would like, and it would be good to try to change the conditions to make them more satisfactory. However, I am not able change it, so I have decide to wisely accept the situation.” “ and moreover if I have survived till now why not be happy with dear life and enjoy every moment I have?”

Saksham got overwhelmed with such a thought process and the difference between his own and Parivartan’s thought process hit him straight. From that day Saksham would get annoyed at things not working his way out but he didn’t escalate it to awfullizing now rather he accepted the situation and tried to work around it.

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