Doctor by profession,
Healer by choice!

International speaker, teacher and promoter of Homoeopathy.

Since 2000, as a practicing Homeopath, it would be accurate to say that, an inborn virtue of being caring, nurturing, and being in the helm of situations only accelerated the nuances needed for understanding Homeopathy as an applied way of treatment.

Homeopathic experience ranges but is never limited to, handling a variety of cases competently to delivering lectures and case presentations on various topics in Homoeopathy.

Extensive counseling experience encompasses a range of issues including depression, anxiety, addiction, relationship and grief counseling, sexual health, women’s health, adolescent issues etc. We as doctors in our own right use these attributes towards building a fundamental base with the understanding of the psyche of the patient. But if I may add, not only does this simplify the diagnosis but also opens up a world of possibilities towards an interrelation between neurological & cellular functioning.

My particular area of interest lies in mental health as it relates to physical and social well-being and teaching Homoeopathic subjects to fellow Homoeopaths to build a very strong next brigade of young Homoeopaths.

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Education Credentials

Slide Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery, 2001, Pune University. Slide Post Graduate course in Professional competence in Homoeopathy, 2001-2003, Institute of clinical Research, Mumbai. Slide Certificate course in Robert Carkhauff’s model of counselling, 2012, Institute of Human Technologies, Mumbai. Slide Certificate course in REBT and CBT,2012, Institute of Human Technologies, Mumbai. Slide Certificate course “Sex Educator” 2014, Institute of Human Technologies, Mumbai. Slide Fellowship Course in Advanced Homoeopathy at the international, “the other song academy” under the MUHS, Nashik, 2016. Slide

PG Homeopathy, London - 2021

Achievements and Accolades

  1. International Inspirational Woman Award, 2021 for “Best woman Performer in Homoeopathic Medicine”.
  2. Indian Health Professional Award, 2020, for “Excellence in Wellness Therapy”.
  3. Awarded by NJH for the consistent author for the Journal 2017
  4. Awarded for medical services, by Rotary Club of Mumbai Wester Elite, June 2018
  5. Awarded with “Savitri Gaurav Puraskar” by All India Journalists Association, on Woman’s day, 2019
  6. "Covid warrior" Rotary Club of Mumbai Wester Elite, for the contribution in Prevention of Covid-19, we distributed Homoeopathic Immunity Boosters to 4 lakh people in one month, June’2020
dr vrushali dr. vrushali about about us Rotary-Club-Covid-Warrior
Rotary Club – Covid Warrior
July 2020
dr vrushali dr. vrushali about about us Narayani-Shri-Homoeopathic-Medical-College,-Bhopal---Feb,-2020
Narayani Shri Homoeopathic Medical College, Bhopal – Feb 2020
dr vrushali dr. vrushali about about us AIJ–Savitri-Gaurav
AIJ – Savitri Gaurav Rashtriya Puraskar 2019
Jeremy Sher – Fellowship
Past Life Regression Course Certificate
dr vrushali dr. vrushali about about us Rotary-award
Rotary Award for Service in Medical field
20th All India Homeopathic Scentific Seminar 2017, Goa
dr vrushali dr. vrushali about about us 2016,-Jaipur
20th All India Homeopathic Congress 2016, Jaipur
Indian Health Professionals Awards 2020, Mumbai

Contribution to Homoeopathy

  • On the board of editors of the National Journal of Homoeopathy.

  • Homeopathic consultant and counselor since 2001 and Private Practice since 2009.

  • Presented a case at a National Seminar, “The late Sarala Sonawala Memorial seminar” on Depression, Feb 2016.

  • Presented a paper on “Depression In Children” at the 19th HMAI congress at Jaipur Dec’2016.

  • Presented a paper at the HMAI Scientific Seminar at Goa Sept. 2017, Topic: Approaching the Cases through Dreams.

  • Presented a paper on Management of Acid peptic diseases at “the late Sarala Sonawala Memorial seminar” January 2018.

  • Published several articles on Homoeopathy in the National Journal of Homoeopathy. Also, Issue editor for NJH in many issues. Conducting CMEs regularly at the NJH monthly CMEs twice a month, wherein I teach the Sensation Method to fellow Homoeopaths.
  • Conducted various talks in schools for children and parents.

  • Presented a paper “Challenges of a male child in Adolescence” at National Seminar SSMS2020, Mumbai.

  • Worked as a Team Leader in Medical Underwriting department of ICICI prudential life insurance 2005-2006.

  • Worked in the Diabetes Research OPD as a Homoeopathic consultant and supervisor in ICR Malad 2010- 2013.

  • Given presentations on varied topics related to homoeopathy, medicine and psychiatry to students posted under me.

  • Conducting Webinars on various topics since the lockdown, webinars are attended by Homoeopathic students worldwide.

  • Worked as a Consulting Homeopath in M L Dhawale Memorial Charitable Trust Hospital (Associated with Institute of clinical research) from 2001 to 2005 in Research OPDs, Diabetes Mellitus and Dermatology.

Outside Homoeopathy

  • Scripted Rational Stories for children to help nurture a rational thought process in them right from childhood.
  • Conduct many Parenting workshops: Rational Parenting
  • Conduct many Sex Education workshops for parents, teachers and kids
  • Conduct talks on Living with Diabetes, Homoeopathy and children/women/elderly, Mindful Eating etc
  • Blogging on social issues since 2011.
  • Expert on mycity4kids a parenting website.
  • Has studied Past life regression, and is eager apply as many possibilities to healing as possible.
  • Amateur Mountaineer: Done Everest Base Camp, 2017.

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Lecturing Homeopathic students acrossIndia and abroad
  1. Bhagwan Budha Homoeopathic Medical College, Bangalore: Use of Periodic Table In prescription, Feb 2017
  2. Karnataka Qualified Homoeopathic Doctor’s Association: Kingdom Differentiation, Feb 2017
  3. Nepal Homoeopathic Association, Kathmandu, Nepal: Kingdom Differentiation and Case taking, May 2017
  4. Presented a paper on Depression in the 1st International AYUSH conference in Dubai, Nov 2017
  5. Shared cases on “Importance of Dreams in prescription” in Philippines, June 2019
  6. “Importance of dreams in Prescription” full day seminar at Narayan Shree HMC, Bhopal Feb, 2020