A New Demon

I remember my childhood as a hands on experience , something like how we love to call it nowadays as “ACTION LEARNING”. My personality is shaped because of my own experiences as my horizon was wide, my wings outstretched and eyes open to the world not TV. I learnt walking on the hearth which probably keeps me grounded always. I learnt sharing and caring by interacting with other children and not just because my mother read “Bubbles” stories to me.

Who were my role models? The older children in the colony, the cousins who visited once a year and the best my parents and my teachers. Today why am I searching this history? Because I see a new demon in all the households, ‘ T V’. Wherever we enter in any house we are invariably welcomed by a blaring sound of TV and the host without lowering the volume ( forget switching it off) says ” join us just the last 5 mins left”. Now had I been interested in watching the damn thing I would sit home wouldn’t i?

When adults are so much entrapped by this demon’s claws, what do you think is the state of our cute little angels? Oops…… Sorry who has angels nowadays at home? They all have got transformed into Ben 10 s, Chinchans, pokemons and avengers now. A whole range of cartoons with irritatingly noisy voices, no manners and etiquettes which we would want our children to pick up.

These are the role models of our children. When we spend so much time in searching a good school, good neighbourhood, good clothes and good food , I am really surprised why parents don’t spend half an hour with the child watching the cartoon which he watches and see if it’s appropriate for him?

I wonder what must be the purpose of these cartoons? which are utterly disrespectful of adults, parents and good habits. Which surely doesn’t help in building a character in the child nor are entertaining, though they have a grip on children.

I wonder whether precisely this is the motto of these cartoons that you destroy the young generation and the country is doomed for sure……………..

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