5 ways to Build Sustainable Immunity

Immunity building is an exercise exclusively for the body but can’t be built alone by our cells. It is a combined effort by our mind, body, and most importantly our Soul. Immunity means to be in a state of health and being able to combat all the external impressions without being affected by them. There are many food articles, yoga sans and medicinal substances that can enhance this state, however, if one intends to build it from within and make it a natural state the following are the 5 most effective ways to build immunity. This has come from my 20+ years of practicing Homoeopathy and assessing numerous patients and analyzing their lifestyles and choices …

Easy ways to build Immunity:

1.   Body:

Understand your body, listen to the signals, and get to know what suits you and what doesn’t. Our body is our best friend and it’s the only HOME you will ever reside in! Our body’s natural state of being is “perfect health”. So if you just choose to stop abusing it, maintaining a high level of immunity is child’s play.

2.   Thin or Fat?

Being thin or fat is no yardstick for health, so don’t waste your energy on losing weight. Simply shift your focus from unhealthy choices to healthier ones. e.g. rather than taking sugar-loaded ketchup take a freshly made home-cooked chutney. Rather than taking a vehicle, walk for short distances.

3.   Exercise routine:

Simple, Light, and Regular – this is the mantra of maintaining an exercise routine. If you attempt anything complex or heavy exercise, the next day you aren’t able to persist. To maintain good health you need regular exercise and not sporadic ones.

4.   Diet:

It is not rocket science when I say “eat a balanced diet”, isn’t it? We all know what it means and sometimes we are running after creating this balanced diet but mostly miss out. So my simple solution is to go back to original, authentic, traditional Indian recipes. Simply eat food like our mom used to feed us in the 80s. Who doesn’t like “maa ke hath ka khana?” because that was the authentic balanced diet.

5.   Mind, Body, and Soul connection:

Our body inherently has the capacity to heal itself. We just have to make effort to connect the dots and decipher the signals which our soul keeps sending us via our body. Illnesses or physical complaints are the real languages through which our body speaks to us.

The mind is nothing but a river of E-Motions = Energy in Motion and like any river if stagnated the water gets contaminated. Similarly, if our emotions get stuck it stagnates life and causes problems.

Hence we must allow emotions to flow and the body to speak. If all the 3 – Mind, Body, and Soul remain in equilibrium our immunity would be optimum.

Immunity is not just the absence of disease but an ability to combat adversities and enjoy life to the fullest

Stay Safe!

Stay Healthy!!

Stay Happy!!!


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